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Convenient payment service provider with integrated analytical system.

We accept payments

Comprehensive payment solution for business. Any.Money accepts any online payments.

Instant exchange

Currency exchange inside the system. Profitable rate. Protection of transactions from currency fluctuations.

Quick withdrawal

Round-the-clock withdrawal of the required amount in any currency. Without hidden fees at night.

We accept cryptocurrencies

We fix the exchange rate at the invoicing time and payment order.

Mass payments

We can send a large number of payments in a few clicks.

Personal cabinet

Day-and-night access to accounts, payments, and statistics.

24/7 Support

24/7 support. We solve any issues at a time convenient for you. Even when others are sleeping.

Payment link

Your employees can issue invoices manually, specifying the actual customer contact.

Full API

Payment process automatization.

We offer a comprehensive payment solution for startups, fully providing the ability to accept payments.

Payment systems and currencies

Any.Money is simple and convenient payment service provider. Supports 27 payment systems, Visa, Mastercard. And much more.
Payment systems
We understand that payments are not the area of your business, and we take care of it.

Easy integration

Simple API. Payment gateway integration for an online store within one working day. Modules for CMS.

Convenient Telegram bot

The main features of your personal account are available in Telegram, which works even with EDGE.

Safe storage of funds

PCI DSS is an international data security standard. Continuous monitoring by external auditors.

Exchange rate

Automatically fix the exchange rate on the world's stock exchanges. Guarantee protection against currency fluctuations.

Low fee

Low acquiring, withdrawal and exchange fees.

Roles for staff

Authority delegation for each employee individually.

Management accounting

Full control over funds movement at any time.

Backup balances PS

Instant payments at the right time. No additional conversions.

Safe storage of funds

Even if you have multiple businesses you can accept payments in one account.

SCI – payment page We know what payment methods your customers use. Therefore, we have developed a functional and easy-to-use payment page that can be customized for your store.
How it works?
Create merchant
You can create an account on our website and go through the procedure required to create a merchant in a few clicks.
API integration
In a short period of time your dev team will be able to integrate by API and then your customers will have a possibility to pay for goods or services
Your customer chooses what he wants to buy on the website, clicks "Pay" button and gets on the payment page (SCI), where the payment amount is listed.
Payment process
Your customer selects a convenient payment method and pays the bill. The money will be deposited to your account in Any.Money system.
Payment enrollment
You will receive a notification after receiving a payment.
You can withdraw money via any desired payment system in the personal cabinet or by an API request, if necessary.